Get ready for some sizzling summer piano fun!

The following sessions are planned for summer 2017:

Make Your Own Music; Make Music Your Own
(For Middle and High School Students)
Learn to play the music you are learning in your own musical style. Arrange pieces and create new music that is just the way you like it!

Musical "Lego" Pieces
(Elementary Students)

Each pitch on the piano and note on the staff is similar to a "Lego" piece that can be connected to other pitches and notes to make amazing music! Come and learn how to work with musical "Lego" pieces in creative ways that you can share.

Music Buddies
(For five- through eight-year-olds who have not yet had piano instruction, or who have had one year or less of instruction)
Sing, move, and play the piano with friends while you grow in musical skills and creativity!

World Music Workshop
for middle and high school students of Central Pennsylvania
Explore the music of Nepal and Egypt using the unique instruments of these cultures: The Madal and the Riq

All sessions are designed for pairs or small groups of students. 
Please contact me to discuss the availability of dates, content, and cost.

Looking forward to a musical summer!