Piano Buddies: Twice the Fun!
Piano Buddies is a delightful option for beginning students who are 6-9 years old. This curriculum has been researched and developed by the reputable Musikgarten teachers.
In this program, two students learn together in a 60 minute weekly class. Some of the features I like about this method are:
--the simultaneous aural and visual development
--the reading of known material before new material
--making music together from the beginning
--the sing-play process
--playing real music right from the beginning

Musikgarten describes the following benefits:
  • "Taking piano lessons with a partner is a FUN way for children to learn. 
  • Their “piano partner” provides motivation, modeling, and joy as the two children progress together. 
  • Practice CD supports their learning and practice at home; a Listening CD provides a variety of musical styles, composers, classic melodies, and répertoire.
  • Aural Games lay the foundation for note-reading. Notation Games make note-reading fun and easy."