General Answers to Specific Questions That Parents Ask


How much time should my child practice each day?

The general rule is 5 min. for each year of the child's age. For example a 10-year-old child would practice for 50 min. each day. This is ideal, and much progress will be made at this rate. A minimum of 30 min. per day is required for elementary age students to make adequate progress. Ten to 20 min. per day is realistic for a preschool age child. One day of rest is recommended. Also, it is up to the parents’ discretion whether or not to have a practice session on the day of the student’s lesson. Listening to classical music should be a regular part of your practice time (in addition to the recommended minutes of practice at the piano) since this is required for music readiness and application of skills. Just imagine trying to learn to read without ever hearing words, or just hearing the words every once in a while. Thank you for your efforts to include some listening time every day during dinner, travel time, bedtime, and so on!


How can I make up a missed lesson?

Our school year music programs provide for 15 free minutes of lesson time every week. The tuition is based on a scale* that provides 45 min. for the price of 30 min., or 60 min. for the price of 45 min., or one hour and 30 min. for the price of 75 min. Thus, makeup lessons are built into the schedule so that if a lesson is missed by the student or the teacher, extra makeup instruction has been given every week throughout the school year.

*This scale is based on what I have been paying for my own children's music lessons over the years.


What if I'm not able to attend piano lessons for the entire school year?

If the students must miss one month or more of lessons due to a sports season, extracurricular school program, travel, or any other reason, they generally continue paying monthly tuition. It is not possible for me to take on a new student for the month or two that you will be away, and then tell that student he or she must stop lessons when you return.  If a student must discontinue lessons before the year ends and will not be returning, the family generally pays the full month's tuition for the last month in which the student received a lesson.


Please let me know if you have other questions, or if you would like to discuss these questions in more detail as they relate to your specific situation. Thank you for your commitment to music education for your children!