Danielewicz Piano Studio Policies 

Thank you for making music an important part of your family life and for joining our studio as a place for learning and sharing music together!

Parents, you are the most important part of the music program! It is essential that you:

1.   Come to your child’s lessons with them each week to observe and learn along with them.

2.   Be sure that your children are listening to the Suzuki Piano School CDs and other good classical music at home each day—not just the three weeks before you start lessons. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of listening! 

3.   Take notes at each lesson so you can help your child practice at home. I cannot see what your children’s hands are doing or listen well to what they are playing if I am the one taking notes.

4.   Be sure that your child practices something every day. Help your child get used to the idea that playing the piano is a regular part of everyday life just like getting dressed and eating meals.      This will have an impact on all of the other learning they do!

     Sharing music with each other and in the community is an important part of our program:

      Students continue to play the songs they learn so that they can play them at our piano parties and recitals, as well as for your own family and friends. 







“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…” Psalms 100